Solar Power and Subsidiarity

image3One if the central goals I want to pursue with this blog is to create an economy that is Christian, but can function in the modern world. I think solar power is a great example of how this can work.

One of the advantages of a traditional agrarian economy is that everyone is self sufficient. In a modern economy, everyone is intertwined. This leads to globalism which ultimately leads to a Tower of Babel type society.

The principle of subsidiarity is essentially that everything should be dealt with at the most local level possible. It should be noted that this is distinct from libertarianism, which destroys all authority. The Orthodox Church has subsidiarity, with each diocese having its own bishop, and then group of bishops at varying levels can meet to have councils, but everything in this model is dealt with at as local a level as possible. This is contrasted with the vertical hierarchy of the Catholic Church where the Pope has to approve everything and the Protestant churches where there is essentially no authority above the individual believer.

A duty of Orthodox Christians is to treat the earth as a temple of God. God gave mankind authority over the earth (Genesis 1:29-30), and mankind in return works the earth to offer God’s gifts back up to him (Genesis 2:15, Revelation 4:10). Man made global warming is one of the biggest issues currently facing the environment, abusing the mandate God gave us.

Solar power helps both of these problems. Solar power offers an alternative energy source that is far better for the environment than fossil fuels. It also is great for subsidiarity. It allows every individual family to produce their own energy, rather than being dependent on oil companies (who also don’t have the best record of following Christian values with their company, such as people being kicked off their land to use it for fracking).


Orthodox Environmentalism by Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick

Evidence for Climate Change

Good, conservative reasons to support solar energy

Good New York Times articles on what is going on with solar energy

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