• Orthodox Dogmatic Theology by Protopresbyter Michael Pomazansky

Best book on Orthodox theology.

  • Welcome to the Orthodox Church by Fredrica Matthews Green

Best introduction to Orthodox Christianity. She walks you through a Vespers and a Liturgy while explaining the Church’s theology. The audiobook is also really good.

  • The Way of the Pilgrim

This book takes you through a Russian pilgrim’s spiritual journey. It helps you to really understand the Orthodox prayer life.

  • Through New Eyes by James Jordan

This is an excellent introduction to biblical typology by a Protestant scholar. He really helps you to throw off the shackles of western liberalism and adopt a biblical view of the world.


An excellent blog on typology and creation. Even though I’m not a young earth creationist, I still think he’s very much right in rejecting the growing view that the Old Testament doesn’t really matter.

Dr. Wood is a young earth creation biologist. Even though apI disagree with him, I enjoy his blog quite a bit.

Youtube Channels

The best Christian apologist on youtube. His series on the ressurection lead to my conversion.

This is a great podcast from a Catholic scholar. He also runs an online theological school, and he sometimes uploads videos from it to his youtube channel.

They do videos breaking down the structure of books in the bible. Their Old Testament videos are very good.

A great math youtube channel.


Fr. Andrew Stephen Damick goes through the differences between Orthodoxy and other Christian denominations, and other religions at the end.

Fr. Tom Soroka goes through the daily scripture readings and gives commentaries from Church fathers every weekday.

A great series of podcasts on the history of Christendom.

Political debates on just about every topic.